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Here's why:

Responsible entrepreneurship - corporate cultural responsibility:

- The Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy at the Federation of German Industries e. V. is the most traditional, independent and nationwide institution for corporate cultural sponsorship in Germany. Membership with us signals to the corporate environment that the freedom of the arts is regarded as an essential element of the free democratic basic order and that responsibility is taken for it.

- The freedom of art is an expression of our guiding principle, which was formulated as early as 1951 when the Association of Arts and Culture was founded: Without culture, a free and dynamic development of society would not be possible; for this reason alone, the business community is committed to investing in a future-oriented cultural life in Germany.

- Investing in independent patronage of culture by the Association of Arts and Culture, which is not directly linked to the company's own name, increases the credibility of the company's own commitment to culture.

- The Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy at the Federation of German Industries e. V. is the only joint initiative of German business in this field.

Access to a high-caliber network:

- Opportunity for direct dialog with up-and-coming contemporary artists, thus providing creative impetus for the company's own work.

- Regular meetings with like-minded entrepreneurs within the framework of events organized by the Association of Arts and Culture.

- Participation in an established, committed network of creative decision-makers in the business world.

Service & Events:

- Early access to editions of the supported artists and to publications

- Invitations to our exclusive events, e.g. excursions and cultural trips, invitation to the festive award ceremony of the German Cultural Sponsorship Award, to the annual conference etc.

Access to our working groups:

Membership in the Association of Arts and Culture entitles the holder - for an additional service fee - to participate in our working groups (Arts Sponsorship, Corporate Collecting, Cultural Tasks Abroad)

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Membership is open to all natural and legal persons, companies under commercial law and organizations of the German economy. Membership must be declared in writing to the management of the Kulturkreis. The board of directors decides on the admission.

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