Cultural Policy

Jahrestagung 2015: Dr. Clemens Börsig (chairman), Dr. Franziska Nentwig (director 2015-2021) © Felix Grünschloss

The Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft advocates for the cultural policy interests of its members. It promotes the optimal conditions for corporate cultural sponsorship and, at the political level, stimulates initiatives to improve the interplay between business and culture. The Kulturkreis was, for example, key in revising the so-called "sponsoring decree" as well as foundation law. It also successfully campaigned to maintain the tax deductibility of membership fees for cultural associations. During the reform of Germany’s non-profit law, it served as an official expert for the German Bundestag. It has also worked to amend legislation around cultural property protection in order to benefit its members.

Deutscher Kulturförderpreis 2016 (Preisträger in der Kategorie große Unternehmen): Johannes Ebert (Generalsekretär Goethe-Institut), Dr. Bernd Siegfried (Geschäftsführer KfW Stiftung) und Anita Djafari (Geschäftsführerin Litprom) © Anna Meuer

Arts Sponsorship Award

Dr. Susanne Ehrenfried ( ACC) and Dr. August Markl (Chairman ACC), Hamburg 2016 © Henning Rogge

Corporate Collecting

Arbeitskreis Arts Sponsorship (AKF) at Folkwang Museum, 2010  © Herbert Höltgen

Arts Sponsorship

CEEP Workshop © Helene Altenstein

Cultural Education