Ton Erklärung Geigen © Sima Dehgani

Since 2007, the Kulturkreis has organised the annual music competition "Ton & Erklärung" (Sound & Explanation). Emerging musicians are invited to present an outstanding musical performance and a convincing explanation of their interpretation. The contest, conducted in cooperation with ARD Radio, alternates yearly between piano, violin, cello, and voice. In addition to receiving prize money, winners are given the opportunity to perform a debut of a commissioned composition and to make additional concert appearances.

Ton & Erklärung 2022 Cello

Pacific Quintet © Taewook Ahn

Sonderpreis 2021 Ton & Erklärung Ensemble

Dämpfer © peuserdesign


"Ton und Erklärung" 2015: Dr. Clemens Börsig, Anna Buchberger (2. Platz), Elisabeth Brauß (1. Preis), Fabian Müller (1. Preis), Prof. Dr. Edward G. Krubasik (v.l.n.r.) © Felix Grünschloss

Past Prize Winners