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Der Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft fördert seit 1951 Kunst und Kultur und setzt sich für eine Gesellschaft ein, in der Kultur als unverzichtbare Ressource verstanden wird.
Der Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft fördert Künstler in den Sparten Architektur, Bildende Kunst, Darstellende Kunst, Literatur und Musik und bietet seinen Mitgliedsunternehmen Service und Beratung in den Bereichen Kultursponsoring, Corporate Collecting, kulturelle Bildung und auswärtige Kultur.
Zu den Mitgliedern des Kulturkreises der deutschen Wirtschaft zählen die bedeutendsten deutschen Unternehmen.
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Some of the most significant German corporations are amongst the members of the Kulturkreis. The more than 400 members of the Kulturkreis document the strong willingness of corporations and entrepreneurs to support the arts and to assume social responsibility for the active creation and the preservation of a vital cultural life. They support future-oriented, emerging artistic positions with member contributions and donations. Concurrently, the encounters with and examinations of artists and their works, give the members of the Kulturkreis important inspiration for their business activities. The current list of members can be found on the right as a download.

Benefits for members

The Kulturkreis offers its members a series of exclusive events. The spectrum ranges from exhibitions, readings and concerts to the German Arts Sponsorship Award gala, as well as, the big annual Kulturkreis convention. All of the events offer a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and artists to enter into a direct dialogue with each other. With its Arbeitskreis Kultursponsoring (AKS) - Working Group for Arts Sponsorship the Kulturkreis offers a professional platform for member corporations that have integrated arts sponsorship into their corporate culture or wish to do so. The Arbeitskreis Kulturelle Bildung (AKB) - Working Group for Cultural Education gives corporations a unique forum for the continuing education of future leaders in the areas of art and cultural competence. Art projects abroad can be supported by the Kulturkreis Working Group for Cultural Tasks.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Kulturkreis, please contact +49 (0) 30-20-28-14 06 or email to

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