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Der Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft fördert seit 1951 Kunst und Kultur und setzt sich für eine Gesellschaft ein, in der Kultur als unverzichtbare Ressource verstanden wird.
Der Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft fördert Künstler in den Sparten Architektur, Bildende Kunst, Darstellende Kunst, Literatur und Musik und bietet seinen Mitgliedsunternehmen Service und Beratung in den Bereichen Kultursponsoring, Corporate Collecting, kulturelle Bildung und auswärtige Kultur.
Zu den Mitgliedern des Kulturkreises der deutschen Wirtschaft zählen die bedeutendsten deutschen Unternehmen.
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AKS – Working Group for Arts Sponsorship
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Working Group for Arts Sponsorship (AKS) 

The Arbeitskreis Kultursponsoring (AKS) / Working Group for Arts Sponsorship, offers a forum for companies who have integrated, or intend to integrate, arts sponsorship long-term into their corporate culture. Its aim is to connect companies who engage in arts sponsorship, to bundle experiences and to offer continuing education in order to further professionalize arts sponsorship. Additionally the working group advocates openness and fairness in sponsor partnerships between the cultural and economic sector. The AKS is open, at a separate membership fee, for all businesses that are actively involved in art support and that are members of the Kulturkreis.


The AKS was founded as an initiative by the Kulturkreis in 1996, in Cologne. With its engagement for a greater acceptance of arts sponsorship in the German economy and in the public, the network hopes to contribute long-term in paving the way for Germany as a culturally attractive location for businesses The AKS is the only forum of its kind in Germany. It represents its member companies in the public, in the media and in politics. Key theme of the discussions at the AKS is arts support in all its facets, implications and prerequisites. This exchange takes place in public and private meetings, symposia and workshops and in dialogue with the media or political committees. Another aspect is the evaluation of research studies as well as the dissemination of relevant information concerning arts sponsorship to the participants of the AKS and interested third parties.

To maintain its neutral role, the AKS does not become an active sponsor itself and does not fulfill any broker functions between sponsors and seekers of sponsorship.