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Der Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft fördert seit 1951 Kunst und Kultur und setzt sich für eine Gesellschaft ein, in der Kultur als unverzichtbare Ressource verstanden wird.
Der Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft fördert Künstler in den Sparten Architektur, Bildende Kunst, Darstellende Kunst, Literatur und Musik und bietet seinen Mitgliedsunternehmen Service und Beratung in den Bereichen Kultursponsoring, Corporate Collecting, kulturelle Bildung und auswärtige Kultur.
Zu den Mitgliedern des Kulturkreises der deutschen Wirtschaft zählen die bedeutendsten deutschen Unternehmen.
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The Kulturkreis is available to its members and third parties for all questions concerning the development and realization of projects at the intersection of the economic and arts sectors.

The Arbeitskreis Kultursponsoring (AKS) - Working Group for Arts Sponsorship, offers a forum for companies who have integrated arts sponsorship into their corporate culture long-term. Its main aim is to bundle the experiences of the economy in the field of arts sponsorship, to formulate joint perspectives for an open and equal partnership between the cultural and economic sectors, and to pave the way for Germany as an culturally attractive economic location. The AKS is the only forum of its kind in Germany.

The Arbeitskreis Corporate Collecting (ACC) / Working Group for Corporate Collecting offers a platform for important corporate collections. In exclusive meetings all expert questions surrounding corporate collecting will be discussed – from buying art, art donations, to best strategies for the founding of an art foundation. Beyond that the working group aims at finding joint principles to support the sustainability and integrity of corporate art collections long-term and to create a network that helps to strengthen their public significance.

Additionally, the Arbeitskreis Kulturelle Bildung (AKB) – Working Group for Cultural Education, offers different programs in the field of cultural education. Following the central idea of ‘cultural competence for future leaders’, its stipend program the "Bronnbacher Stipendium", gives students the opportunity to gain an inside look into the art world from renowned artists, art agents and art historians. The goal of the two semester long, course-related stipend is to awaken enthusiasm for the arts culture in future leaders and to develop an understanding for artistic processes. The stipend is particularly afimed towards students pursuing economics and law at its collaborative partner universities, the University of Mannheim and the Ruhr-University of Bochum.
The Cultural Executive Education Program (CEEP) has been added recently for young high potentials who already work for companies. In customized two day workshops young business leaders can expand their perspective through the teaching of art and culture and attain new impulses for creative action at their respective companies.

The Arbeitskreis Ausland für Kulturelle Aufgaben (AKA) – Working Group for Cultural Tasks Abroad, helps businesses to professionally conceive and realize support projects related to Germany in foreign countries. As one of the few institutions in Germany, it offers the possibility to forward donations to institutions abroad.