ACT for Management

ACT for Management - Active Creative Training is a unique training programme developed by the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft for emerging corporate managers.

Führungskräfte im Workshop mit Martin Quilitz im Delphi Filmpalast Berlin © Kulturkreis

Voice of a participant:
"ACT is unique in its straightforward yet challenging approach to introducing culture and getting people excited about it. Throughout this, we never lost sight of our professional functions."

The executive training programme sharpens cultural competency and enriches HR development strategies for companies. Young managers experience the fields of drama, poetry slam, visual arts, and conducting on a level that goes beyond theory; instead, they become actively involved. This experimentation with artistic process trains their leadership skills. Interactions with theatre directors, contemporary artists, orchestra conductors, and actors present new solutions for the challenges of the working world, strengthening reflective abilities and promoting innovative thinking. This customized training programme is conducted in partnership with well-known cultural institutions in Germany’s capital city.

At the request of companies, the Kulturkreis also designs individual art-based training modules for management and staff at respective company locations.

Sabrina Schleicher
Cultural Education
Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft