Funding areas

Since 1951, the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft has sponsored art and culture in the areas of architecture, visual arts, literature, and music.

Jahrestagung 2016 in Magdeburg © Holger Talinski

A selection of our prize winners:
.. Ingeborg Bachmann (1955), Günter Grass (1958), Daniel Kehlmann (1998), Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1953), Tabea Zimmermann (1982), Marina Abramovic (1982), Wolfgang Tillmans (1995), Michael Sailstorfer (2006), Flaka Haliti (2015) ...

Through organising endowed prizes as well as exhibitions, competitions, and events, the Kulturkreis is committed to supporting emerging artists and cultural producers. One of our guiding principles in this endeavour is to provide support that is sustainable. Important decisions about our funding areas are made by committees composed of Kulturkreis members and specialist consultants, chaired by leading figures from the world of business. Since its founding, the Kulturkreis has sponsored outstanding achievements by more than 1,000 emerging artists. For many now world-renowned artists and Nobel laureates, an award from the Kulturkreis was the first major recognition for their work.


© Helge Mundt

The architecture competition TRANSFORMATION takes place annually for architecture students at German universities.

Visual Arts

<i>ars viva-</i>-Ausstellung in der Städtischen Galerie, Karlsruhe  © Felix Grünschloss

The ars viva prize is an annual award for emerging visual artists.


Jahrestagung 2016 © Holger Talinski

The annual literature prize "Text & Sprache" considers all forms of text and language, representing the fluid boundaries between literary genres.


Geigen © Sima Dehgani

The annual music competition "Ton & Erklärung" alternates between the categories of piano, violin, cello, and voice.